What We Do Best

We Tell Your Side Of The Story

We know how to explain the law in common-sense language. This helps us to better tell your side of the story in negotiations with tax officials. We combine the disciplines of income, gift and estate taxations to solve your tax issue, no matter how complex. Due to the federal nature of many taxes, we can also handle your issue regardless of where you are located.

If you are facing a tax penalty, perhaps due to a failure to timely pay taxes, we understand how to compellingly explain hardships or extenuating circumstances. Our advocacy may persuade tax officials to settle your case whether you are before the tax agency, an administrative tribunal or in court. We may be able to negotiate a creative solution to the collection of your tax liabilities pursuant to an installment agreement, offer in compromise or noncollectability determination. In the case of offshore accounts and assets, we may be able to protect you using the IRS' Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

We Provide An Experienced Second Opinion

We have frequently served as an additional resource for taxpayers involved in an audit or administrative tax appeal. Our comprehensive tax focus facilitates collaborations with other financial or legal professionals. We work with your tax professionals to communicate your factual circumstances and legal issues in a light most favorable to a government representative. We can also review a proposed settlement for fairness.

We Protect Your Bottom Line

We are mindful of the costs and benefits of our representation. We want to balance our advice against your expectations. If the amount of tax at issue is not that sizable, it does not make sense to incur a large amount of attorney's fees. Your satisfaction is our bottom line. To schedule a consultation, call our Los Angeles office at 310-551-1400 or contact us online.