Why You Should Update Your Estate Plan

We focus on a broad range of estate planning areas, including wills, trusts, gift transfers, trust administration and probate. Families and client aspirations and ideas for wealth transfer and succession are diverse; the most effective estate plans take this into account.  This is where the one-size-fits-all approach of online form documents and patterned estate plans fail. To achieve a customized estate plan, we take the time to understand your family situation and goals.

We Update Your Estate Plan To Keep It Current

If you have experienced a change in your family life, or upon changes in tax law, we recommend updating your estate plan. This might be the death of the first spouse, the birth of a child, a second marriage, or an update to reflect that your children are no longer minors or to reflect tax law changes.

We Combine Tax Disciplines

We also work with your professionals to design and implement your goals in transferring your wealth. In one example, while representing a client in an income tax matter, Mr. Guterman sat in on his father's meeting with his estate planning attorney. During this meeting, he provided an approach that saved the client and his father millions of dollars in potential income and estate taxes. Even other estate planning attorneys contact us to analyze specific tax issues.

Contact An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

We can develop an estate plan that fits your needs or update your documents to reflect new life events. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call our Los Angeles office at 310-551-1400.