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Representation For Complex

Tax Controversies 

A tax controversy refers to any dispute between an individual or business taxpayer and a tax agency in the determination and collection of tax. The dispute may begin with a notice requesting payment of taxes, additional information or an audit. Perhaps you already completed an audit and desire to appeal an unsatisfactory result. Regardless of where you are in your tax controversy, The Guterman Tax Law Firm can advocate on your behalf. Our firm can represent you in any administrative proceeding.

A Flexible Approach To Resolving Tax

Disputes Sets Us Apart

Our seasoned firm represents its clients’ interests in Tax Court and various U.S. District Courts. In some circumstances, a court filing may be necessary to preserve your rights. Yet, there are often opportunities to pursue an administrative resolution with tax agencies before a matter escalates into a court case.

We examine controversies from multiple tax disciplines, since tax implications may overlap. For example, a settlement offer regarding a sales tax matter may have ramifications on your income tax liability. Our firm seeks favorable resolutions at each step in the administrative process; most tax controversies involving individuals and their businesses are not beyond the scope of our expertise.

Some examples of the types of disputes our practice handles include:

  • Audits

  • Collections

  • Appeals


We also handle controversies involving the disclosure of foreign accounts and assets. Settlement negotiations between our firm and tax officials can impact other taxes.  For example, if not properly handled, a state income tax exam may generate or result in an expansion of the tax years under review, a federal audit or payroll tax implications. Without proper counsel, an exam could involve an innocent spouse or lead to enforced collection actions.

No matter the situation you face, we will develop a strategy focused on protecting your interests.

Contact Our Skilled

Tax Controversy Firm Today

Whether you need a representative to defend your tax return, work with your CPA, provide a second opinion or appeal a proposed tax assessment, we are ready to help.

Call our office at 310-551-1400 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation regarding your tax issue or controversy.



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