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Representation For Intricate Taxed Transactions  

Whether you file taxes once per year or are responsible for making quarterly payments, you likely understand the questions and impact associated with your taxes. Hiring an attorney focused on tax law is vital in protecting your interests during a dispute.

The Guterman Tax Law Firm analyzes complex tax issues for both individual and business clients. When you work with our firm, you can obtain proactive advice from a respected lawyer to understand its tax consequences before you enter a proposed transaction.

Comprehensive Guidance

For Complex IRS Liability

Given the vast complexity of the tax code, we often receive client referrals from colleagues who practice in other areas of law.

Our boutique tax law firm works with referring professionals on a wide range of issues and controversies. We offer experience and exceptional effectiveness encompassing the following areas:

  • Income, corporate, and partnership tax matters

  • Real estate transactions – Like-Kind Exchanges

  • Related-party arrangements

  • Settlement proceeds and awarded damages

  • Transactions to preserve property tax assessed value


Referrals comprise a substantial amount of our advisory tax practice, which attests to our highly specific tax evaluations over the past 40 years.

Contact Us When You

Need A Sophisticated Tax Analysis

Whether you have pressing needs or wish to minimize death tax liability for your loved ones, we will provide a thorough, discrete analysis of your situation.

Contact us online or call 310-551-1400 to schedule a consultation today.



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