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E X P E D I E N T      E X P E R I E N C E D     E X C E L L E N C E


Google review

I’ve used The Guterman Tax Law Firm for many years for all my estate planning. Barry Guterman is extremely knowledgeable about setting up and updating our Estate plan. He had many good suggestions as to how to save money and maximize what will be passed on to heirs. He is extremely highly recommended for this work.

– Alan Goldsobel MD


I have known Barry for over 40 years and was luckily one of his first clients. He has remained my firm’s corporate and tax counsel throughout the life of my company.

– DeeDee


Yelp Review

5.0 stars

Wow!! Barry is a genius. He probably saved my relationship with my brother. Long story short, my brother and I sold a property that we owned together but the title was in my name only. My brother and I had polar opposite opinions on how to handle the tax treatment, which made a very stressful situation for both of us. Barry was recommended to me by a friend who said he was the best in the business when it came to tax laws. My friend was more than correct. Barry took our problem and quickly came up with a settlement solution with made both myself and my brother happy and, at the same time, resolved any potential IRS problems. He also spent time over a weekend writing up the settlement as we had a time crunch due to the pending escrow closing. A+++ service from an extremely knowledgeable and friendly man. I can’t recommend Barry enough!!!!

– Derek L.


5.0 stars

Barry has represented our company two times regarding IRS issues, most recently to appeal an administrative adjustment levied by IRS as the result of a TEFRA audit. Barry’s tax code expertise and skillful mediation ability made for a successful appeal. He is a great guy who is easy to work with and I highly recommend him for any tax issues.

– Steve


Yelp Review

5.0 stars

I am not usually one to complete such reviews. However, after the level of service that I just received from Barry Guterman, I must post this to the public so others can find this gem practitioner. I am a CPA with a master’s in taxation, but I had a tax issue that I couldn’t personally resolve and reached out to numerous accountants and attorneys to find the right person to handle the issue. I was referred to Barry by a retired judge as well as another CPA I consulted. After receiving the same recommendation from two independent parties, I contacted Barry. He responded to my voicemail within hours and set up a meeting within the week. The legal work required was on a tight deadline and he worked over a weekend to complete the job timely. Hence, in terms of his level of service, the entire experience was outstanding.

Next, as I stated previously I have a master’s degree in taxation, I was blown away by the tax knowledge that he off the cuff explained to me during our first phone conversation. He is seriously extremely gifted in practicing tax law. There are many attorneys out there stating that their expertise is tax, but Barry actually has a LL.M. (postgraduate law degree you receive after your J.D.) in taxation from NYU (one of if not the best program in the country) and it shows. I received consults from other attorneys that made me uncomfortable as a CPA because I did not feel they understood the law or consequences. Barry made me feel at ease with his solution for my issue because he is such a master in his interpretation of tax rules and regulations.

Lastly, he has amazing people skills. He led a tense family meeting for us with professionalism and competence in addressing everyone’s concerns.

Barry really is the full package in the legal industry. I will be sending him all my personal tax and estate planning legal work in the future as well referring my clients and friends.

– Brenda

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