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We Tell Your Side

Of The Story

When you need your facts and supportive law explained persuasively to the government, The Guterman Tax Law Firm will tell your side of the story. We are experts in communicating for your position.  Regardless of where you reside, our firm will bring sophisticated approaches and solutions to your federal and California individual and business taxation and collection matters.

We Protect Your Interests


If you face a tax penalty, perhaps due to a failure to timely file or pay taxes, our firm understands how to compellingly explain hardships or extenuating circumstances. Our advocacy may persuade tax officials to remove the penalty, whether it is during an examination or after being billed. We can offer solutions to the collection of your tax liabilities beyond simple extensions of time or web-based installment agreements, such as an offer in compromise or a determination of a non-collectible status. At the end of the process, we may be able to help improve creditworthiness through withdrawal of tax liens.

In the case of offshore accounts and assets, we can advise and represent you on disclosure and remedying nondisclosure of such assets. You may contact our firm to learn more about how we can represent you.

We Provide Experienced

Second Opinions

We frequently serve as an additional resource in tax matters for taxpayers involved in an audit, with collection problems or in an administrative appeal. Our comprehensive tax focus facilitates collaboration with accountants, legal professionals and other tax advisors. We can communicate your factual circumstances and legal issues in a favorable way to government representatives.

When you are uncertain about a tax settlement negotiated by you or your representative, we can discuss with you the merits of a proposed tax change or settlement offer with you.

We Consider Your Needs And Available Resources


When you need representation, we are mindful of the associated costs and benefits. We balance our advice against your expectations, keeping your satisfaction as our bottom line. It often does not make sense to incur additional legal fees without corresponding tax reductions.

To schedule a consultation and learn more about what our firm does best, you may reach our Los Angeles office at 310-551-1400 or contact us online.


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